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The Japanese trading company

We strive to deliver innovative products from overseas to Japanese customers by utilizing solid distribution systems such as major Japanese EC sites and top Japanese retailers.
We aim to make a fair deal between our suppliers and our consumers to generate the most profit and to provide the best service.


The Best Marketer

We possess all the necessary skills and connections to sell innovative products to Japanese customers

International trade

We import quality products from overseas, negotiate to make a fair deal for Japanese customers and suppliers, and assist in the distribution and marketing process


Crowdfunding has a very beneficial effect of gauging public opinion and drawing attention to a product. Also, it is one of the best ways to approach media to advertise a product

Omnichannel approach

After a product is successfully advertised and funded, it can be brought directly to the retailers for sale, which will generate consistently large sales. Not to mention, we will also sell a product on popular EC sites such as Amazon as well as our own EC sites

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Best experience guaranteed

Success Stories

Listen to our customers’ experiences

Emil Bogdan

I had the best experience with LLL trading. They were very sincere to us in conversations. Their clear and concise replies always satisfied me and made making deals much easier. I’m so grateful to ask them to promote my product. The size of the Japanese market is bigger than I imagined. We are continuously getting orders from them for the past several months. I highly recommend you to start expanding your sales channel with them in Japan.

Lusineh Ani

I was very amazed by how they sold our products in Japan. The promotional images and videos that they used were completely astonishing. They’ve got the best Photoshop and video editing skills that I’ve encountered so far. I am very glad to have done business with them and will continue to do so in the future.

Chirs Mohamed

I really didn’t expect that we can sell our product this much in Japan. This is all thanks to the amazing team of LLL Trading. I’m glad that we chose them as our distributor in Japan. I highly recommend them as your partner for distributing your product.


Meet the team

We have a very experienced team and made hundreds of projects successful

We are the professionals​

We have been in this business for many years and have learned and experienced all there is to know about trading and promotion. We have many connections with skilled professionals and helpful advisors. We are very confident about promoting products in Japan

We have a very streamlined approach for distributing products from overseas to Japan, especially when it comes to test marketing and promotion. Our team has had a history of success, with many of our business partners choosing to keep working with us.

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